Hey there!
My name is Cat. I get whiskers when I smile, I pretend that I’m fluent in french, and I cry over pretty pastries. I’m a Journalist interested in all things FOOD, which is why I’m going to culinary school in Paris. Wherever life takes me, I’ll be happy if I’m working with food. I currently write for Food Republic.

I’ll jump at any opportunity to go somewhere new and do something that I’ve never done before. Whether it be going to a new city, or eating insects, I’ll do it- especially if it’s to create a memory. It sometimes takes a little nudge to get me off my bum, (yes, there’s a homebody inside of me!) but once I have my camera in hand and I’m out exploring, there’s no stopping me. My interests in different cultures and people always lead me to my one true love: food. There’s a lot to learn about how breakfast is eaten in Vietnam or the history behind the Jewish family who owns that famous deli in New York City. Our relationship with food always produces fun and interesting stories, some personal, some historic, but all interesting. In this blog, you’ll find some recipes, (for when I’m inspired) and a few things I’ve seen, learned and eaten along the way…


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