I had the joy of spending a few days at the restaurant that my friend’s parents just opened in Skanör only one week ago. There was more than enough to keep us busy all day. Amanda’s parents were very kind to let us hang out there all day, so we did what we could do to help. We waited tables and filled chocolate boxes, and helped around the restaurant for parts of the day, while also enjoying the sun, paddle boarding, and having great time with friends.


Badhytten in Swedish is the name for the small colorful cabanas dotting the beach in the Skanör Falsterbro area. The former restaurant burnt down a few years ago,and so this new restaurant of the season has gained a lot of attention by people happy to have a new spot to gather and spend their summer.


Last summer, they had a café on the beach and in less than a year they built a state-of-the-art building by a famous Swedish architecture company. Badhytten serves fresh food, delicious cocktails, fantastic LOVE coffee, and creamy Lejonet & Björnen ice cream. Their ice creams are quite special because of their all-natural ingredients. Try their strawberry ice cream, it has 45% fresh strawberries in it. You can easily enjoy a full day lounging around the beach-front cafe and watch as people play volleyball and tan.


Salted caramel and strawberry lejonet & Björnen ice cream by the beach


The café also has a shop where you can get cute kid’s toys and the Badhytten scented candles that Amanda’s mother created. They also have a rack of clothes by Swedish designer, Philippa K, a sustainable clothing line that Amanda’s mother supports at the store.


You can also sign up for paddle boarding, kite surfing, paddle yoga, and surfing classes with KSURF . Yassine and Julia offer classes right out of the café.


Later in the day, go upstairs to the bar for a beautiful view of the sea. On a good day you can see Denmark from the terrace. While you’re there, ask for a glass of Fågelkvitter, Bar Manager, Pontus Persson’s own creation.


Perrson created his signature drink with a Swedish favorite spirit, O.P. Anderson, which is infused with fennel, cumin and anis. He mixes it with his own basil infusion and a few other secret ingredients. Fågelkvitter in Swedish means bird’s chirp. He came up with the name when he came home late one day and “the bloody birds were still awake.” The Skanör area is also known for their nature reserves and the abundance of birds that nest there.


Fågelkvitter with a view

Skanörs Hamn
239 30 Skanör
040-62 80 570



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