Pastel de Nata

The other day we got into a pretty heated conversation with our opinionated Uber driver in Lisbon on where to get the best pastel de natas in the city. “The one in Belem” is always the one guide books and blogs tell us to go to, so we did more digging and found a local favorite. Unlike most tourists, we didn’t bother to take the short train over to Belem, but we did, however, make a huge effort to climb the ups and downs of Lisbon’s steep hills for the incredible Portuguese custard tarts from Manteigaria.


beautiful marble and gold decor at the bar 


€1 for one of these babies


Lisa and Sophie making the cinnamon magic happen


warm, smooth, buttery, and crispy. All good things.


Lisa, who I went to cooking school with, tried to look over at the scales as they were measuring the ingredients, but of course they had taped over the scales so we couldn’t see the numbers from the window. We do know from some experience that the pastry is made of a ratio of flours, eggs, water and butter. The perfect flan-like center is what we really wanted to know how to make. Anyway, all that three of us happy girls can tell you is that Manteigaria is a MUST when you’re in the city. More soon…



 Rua do Loreto 2, Lisbon, Portugal
Opens everyday from 8AM-12AM

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