Huff n’ Puff Pastry

IMG_0017I call this post “Huff n’ Puff” because those were the sounds I was making during class. Let’s just say that it was not easy. Almost 5 and a half hours went into making this. I’m doing the cuisine program at Ferrandi but Mondays are dedicated to pastries because they are such a big part of French cuisine. Anyway, this morning we learned how to make the versatile puff pastry. Very few ingredients go into the pâte (pastry dough) but it’s all about creating the layers, which are made by the butter that is folded into the dough. We rolled and folded, and rolled and folded the dough for god knows many times. The result is a light, buttery, and multi-layered pastry. This simple pâte can also be used to make one of my favorite desserts, mille-feuille. We made a range of desserts, one of them being this. It was filled with a vanilla custard (that we also made) and topped with fresh nectarines and poached peaches. I ate all the less successful ones in class and ended up giving this to a homeless man on my way home. Hope he enjoys it just as much as I did.


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