San Francisco

Now that you know how to navigate your travels by the smells of delicious foods, let’s start taking this food tour to the streets…of San Francisco!

The close access to fresh seafood and produce, along with an eclectic community that help brings the food the life, makes San Francisco an ideal foodie destination. Take a food stroll of the city with the top 10 places to eat while in San Fran!

1. Tartine

  • Specialties: Pain au chocolat and breakfast buns
  • Fat Cat Tip: The line starts filling up by 10 a.m. so try to arrive early!

2. Nopa

  • Specialties: Head to this spot for brunch and cocktails. Their sticky buns are a must-have, and then the French-toast! It’s soaked in batter for so long that it becomes custardy.

3. Bar Crudo

  • Specialties: Happy hour with wine and oysters from 5:00 – 6:30 p.m.
  • Fat Cat Tip: They don’t serve dessert, so walk over to the Bi-Rite across the street for ice cream (because what is a meal without dessert?).

4. Zuni Cafe

  • Specialties: Shoestring fries
  • Fat Cat Tip: Feeling like someone may need to roll you out after this meal? Take the trolley on Market Street all the way up to the Ferry Building and enjoy the views while attempting to walk off your meal.

5. Chez Panisse (Berkeley)

  • Fat Cat Tip: In foodie world, it goes without saying that Chez Panisse is a must-eat. (Is that a thing?) The restaurant’s chef, Alice Waters, is one of the biggest advocates for the slow food movement in America. This means that the ingredients used in the restaurant’s dishes are the finest and freshest. You’ll taste the love and care in their food instantly.

6. Cotogna

  • Specialties: Their amazing pasta selection. With the massive amount of Italian restaurants out there, it’s hard to find a place that serves honest and rustic Italian food. There is something very real and simple about Cotogna’s food, it means that there’s less fluff and more flavor.

7. Crustacean

  • Specialties: Crab and garlicky noodles

8. R&G Lounge

  • Specialties: Dim Sum. Their xiaolongbao (soup dumplings) are the tastiest I’ve ever had. The broth inside the steamed dumplings is almost creamy from all of the pork fat.

9. Kokkari

  • Specialties: Their warm lamb dolmathes and their wood-oven roasted whole seabass were some of my favorite meals.

10. Greens

  • Specialties: The cauliflower salad. Enough said.
  • Fat Cat Tip: Request a table by the window and watch as the boats return to Fort Mason at day’s end.

Fat Cat Eats for 20something

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