My Little Paris Book

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This post just gives you a glimpse into my personal and obsessively-kept Parisian notebook. I have a couple of these notebooks for every city I’ve visited to help me document my favorite places in the world. This one in particular, I carried everywhere I went in Paris just in case I was in the same parameters as a place I wanted to try. For my Top 11 Patisseries in Paris, click here!

I’m only showing a few pages, but it should give you an idea of some of my favorite pâtisseries and restaurants in the city. Maybe I should explain to you my somewhat understandable star system. Similar to the Michelin guide, the more stars I gave each place, the more I liked it. I usually judge on my overall experience, and the memories associated with them. Sometimes I second guess myself… why did I give Kayser 2 and a half stars on one page and then 4 on another?! I must have been judging their pâtisserie over their amazing bread. I start with pâtisseries, restaurants and then mention some amazing terraces for the warm summer months.

It might not be the clearest list to read through, but I have a few friends in Paris right now waiting for my recommendations. So hear you go, my dear friends. Give Paris a kiss for me.


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