The Cronut Line

My friends and I are go-getters. Even when our feet were numb from the cold, and stomachs still bloated from the night before, we were determined to get a Cronut. As we like to half-jokingly-half-seriously say, “YOLO.”

Let’s cut to the chase. Would I do it again? No. For those of you who just want to follow this “food trend,” do it… once. For those hipsters out there, head to Paris Baguette for a much better tasting Cronut. We thought that the simple flavors and flaky, light and crunchy textures were totally worth the mess trying to eat it. I must admit that ever since the Cronut craze last year, I had been wanting to get my hands on them. Although many food critics see the end of 2013 as the death of the Cronut, the line at Dominique Ansel’s bakery in SoHo is still as ridiculous today. My advice would be to skip the line and order the DKA, because those are actually worth waiting for.

It didn’t help that the Cronut flavor of the month was raspberry and lychee- which did not work here at all. Rose, raspberry and lychee is one of my favorite flavor combinations and Pierre Hermé does it best. For him, I would wait days for.

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