Winter Hues

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I always forget how cold it can get in Boston. With the temperature stubbornly sticking around -10 degrees celsius these days, it leaves my friends and I no choice but to stay inside, sip hot tea, snuggle and sip some more tea. With friends like these, winter isn’t so bad. Two weeks into spring semester and work is already piling up pretty quickly. I usually read to get my mind off work and right now, my go-to book is Kinfolk- the soft hues, simple recipes and beautiful pictures are enough to make my day. For the most part, I’m surrounded by people who appreciate the beauty in life. It’s the little things. I recently watched a documentary called “Happy” and if you haven’t seen it yet, I would recommend adding it to your Netflix instant queue immediately. It’ll give you a perspective on what really matters and what is meaningful in your life. Queen Bey said it herself. Her inspiration in life is, “to be happy.” Gotta go listen to that song now. Ciao for now.



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