Patisseries in Paris: My Top 11

I’d eat pastries over having a meal any day. In fact, that’s what I did most the time in Paris. Here’s a quick round up of my favorite patisseries in Paris. I’ll have more detailed posts on each one soon. These are not in any particular order, except Pierre Hermé i#1 in my heart.

 1. Pierre Hermé

What to get: Everything. You can’t go wrong here. My favorites are the Ispahan and the Tarte Infiniment Vanille 

 2. Jacques Genin

What to get: All the chocolates- especially the Basil Chocolate. They only serve “pastries of the day” here- it’s not a patisserie where you can pick a pastry to-go. Ask what they have available and if they this…get it!

   3.  Cafe Pouchkine

What to get: The Eclairs

  4. Un Dimanche à Paris

What to get: Tartlette Fraise Coco and Le Crousstillant au Grué de Cacao

  5. Des Gâteaux et du Pain

What to get: Crossaint au Beurre– One of the best Croissants in Paris.

  6. La Pâtisserie des Rêves

What to getSaint-Honoré is outstanding, but everything else is delicious too. 

  7. Blé Sucré

What to get: I didn’t find the pastries to be anything special, but I would travel to Paris just for their Madeleines.
David Lebovitz also swears they are the best in Paris. 

  8.  Jean-Paul Hévin

What to get: Macaron and everything chocolate. In my opinion, they have the best Macarons (Yes, Hévin beats Hermé in in this one.) They also have the richest chocolate desserts here.

  9.  Colorova Pâtisserie

What to get: The Sphere

  10.  Bruno’s Boulangerie

What to get: Flan, Brioche and Berry Tart.
Click Here to see my Bruno’s post.

  11.  Arnaud Larher

What to get: Tarte au Citron. He’s the only one I might consider cheating on Pierre Her with. That’s how good.

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