Welcome Back to the Land of Smiles

I’m back home for the summer and have been spending the weekend at the beach house. We’ve only been back a few days so waking up at 3 am has become the norm. What does one do so early in the morning? Go to the local fresh market, of course. 

I haven’t been to a fresh market since I was last in Thailand about six months ago, so I was seeing the market through a foreigner’s eyes. As I tiptoed past the puddles of fish blood and squid ink, I came across one of my favorite treats of all times, Saku . (pronounced the way it’s spelled)Excited, I failed to acknowledge what was lying behind the Saku balls… raw chicken! In America, this would have been unheard of. To have raw meat anywhere near ready-to-eat snacks would have gotten the FDA involved in a heartbeat. But wait… we’re in Thailand now. It doesn’t matter if raw chicken juice sprays onto my beloved snack. Well actually it does… to me. I’ve only been back for a few days and could not gather the courage to take a bite out of the Saku without gagging. Despite this eye opening experience ,this treat still remains dear to my heart. Here is the recipe for Saku below.

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