My Obituary

The first writing assignment for my Death and Immortality class is to write my own obituary. As depressing as it sounds, I found it ironically amusing to see the things I hope to achieve before I die. Here it is, hope it makes you smile.

Ms. Lau, a celebrity chef, died on April 1st in her countryside home in Provence, France. She was 75. Her sister, who was visiting her, confirmed the cause was old age. Mrs. Lau took on the culinary world at a young age. During her undergrad years at Boston University, she wrote a food blog called “Fat Cat Eats” which eventually earned her the recognition from famous local chefs in Boston. During summers, she interned for Martha Stewart in Manhattan as a recipe editor, and developed a close relationship with Martha Stewart herself. Following her graduation, she went on to study the art of French cooking at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. There, she was noticed for her decadent chocolate soufflé by Master Chef’s talent scout and was picked to audition for the show.

Although she did not win Master Chef, she was given a contract for her own T.V. show on the travel channel, which she called “Fat Cat Eats.” While working for her T.V. show, she traveled to different countries to interview local chefs and culinary experts and sampled the best food that each country had to offer. In 2021,while traveling in Spain, she met a man who would soon be her husband. After their marriage, they lead culinary tours around the world together, most of which were in Mrs. Lau’s native land, Thailand. Together, they signed a book deal and published the “Food Lover’s Guide To The World.” In 2046, she started her own charity organization, which aimed to end world hunger and in 2085, she was awarded the Nobel peace prize for accomplishing this goal.Mrs. Lau left behind her loving three Corgis.

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