Lychees Galore

I was in Chiang Mai (north of Thailand) a few days ago and on one of my walks through a local market, I found the plumpest and juiciest Lychees I had ever seen. Excited, I bought a kilo of them to snack on.As soon as I got my hands on one, I ripped its thick, scarlet skin off its flesh and sunk my teeth into its sweet and powerfully fragrant meat.With every bite, sweet juice ran down my neck and since the lychees were big enough to fit snuggly in my cupped palms, I used it as perfect Lychee widget to collect the juices before lapping it up.

The Lychees were a great alternative to a much needed energy drink after a hot summer’s day in Thailand.They can range from being very sweet and slightly sour to being very sour and slightly sweet but the very distinct, refreshing and tropical flavor always shines through. Its texture can be somewhat compared to a very soft grape but all I can say is, go try it for yourself! If you can’t find it fresh, try the canned Lychees.On second thought, it might just be worth flying yourself to Thailand. (We have the best Lychees!)

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