Lobster Shack

It is day two of risking my life to find the best lobster roll. Where else to look but The Lobster Shack in Cape Elizabeth, Maine? Their lobster rolls have been voted the best in Maine and have been featured on Man vs. Food, Serious Eats, Bon Appetite and more. So I thought, if this isn’t the best, I might as well pack my bags and end this treacherous search.After a five minutes drive on the unbeaten path, I spotted the simple shack that overlooked the glorious view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Inside the shack, the ordering counter was situated almost immediately in front of the door not giving you very much time to pick what you want. I, however, knew exactly what I wanted: The fisherman’s plate and the lobster roll. (Which I assumed would be the freshest of the freshest, since there was a pool of live lobsters right by the cashier)The fisherman’s plate was basically a mountain of baby shrimp, oyster, scallops, haddock and a couple of fries. This is risky business- my second platter of seafood in 2 days! But it was completely worth it. On the platter, my favorite was the succulent and plump fried scallops.And finally, the lobster roll; A simple hot dog bun stuffed with tender lobster meat with a dollop of mayonnaise and sprinkled paprika to top it off. This simple combination really allowed the lobster to shine, which is why I think it is the best lobster roll I’ve had, yet.

The Lobster Shack gave me the sweetest, freshest and juiciest seafood and without a doubt it beats Barnacle Billy’s, claws down

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