Khanom Khlok

While walking back to the car from the market, I was stopped by a waft of steamy coconut cream from a street vendor. It was a construction worker turned Khanom khlok maker working with his wife on his small stove. From afar I saw him pouring a continuous stream of white flour batter into the craters of his charcoal powered pan and could not resist the temptation of this fragrant and creamy bite sized pudding.

When I think Khanom Khlok, I think about my second grade Thai project. We were assigned to present the history of one of our favorite Thai snacks. I ,of course, picked Khanom Khlok. (keep in mind I was a little bit on the chubby side)Being the over achiever that I was, I went back home and told my mother that I wanted to learn how to make it. The next day, we spent all afternoon on our kitchen floor making Khanom Khlok from a standing clay pan.You’d think that the over achiever stopped there, but I didn’t. I brought the clay pan, along with all the ingredients to make the snack and cooked it in front of my class as part of my presentation.As you can imagine, instead of hating me for outshining their presentations, my classmates couldn’t have been more excited to get their hands on the piping hot puddings.
Anyway, back to the Khanom Khlok maker, he showed me how each batch starts by oiling the craters with vegetable oil.

He then pours in the special batter,(Khanom Khlok flour and water) leaving just enough space for the coconut milk to.

He covers the pan for about 10 minutes and when he opens it, white,bubbling cups of rich coconut await. Some common toppings are taro, spring onion and corn. I like mine plain. The final step is to scoop them out and to place them neatly into small styrofoam containers. I ended up leaving with 3, and it only cost me a dollar!

I can’t wait for my next visit to this Khanom Khlok stand- Maybe I’ll get 4 boxes next time!


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