Barnacle Billy’s

After my high school graduation, my parents decided to spend a week exploring the New England coast. My food obsessed family decided to drive up to Maine for a day trip to try the cholesterol packed lobster roll. Although I had suffered from a tough shellfish allergy about a year ago, I was ready to risk my life for my favorite meats.What I ended up ordering was a recipe for deadly itchy hives: crab cakes, fried oysters, fried clams, fried scallops, fried shrimp and of course their famous lobster roll.

Lobster roll with a side of fries.As I had anticipated,the lobster was sweet and fresh, however, the mayonnaise and paprika sauce was under seasoned and bland. Lets just say that if this had been the last thing that I could have eaten before I was rushed to the hospital ,I would have been very upset.

The seafood platter
Filled with fried goods from the ocean, this seafood platter proved to me that driving up to Ogunquit was not a complete waste of time. 
My favorite on the platter was the fried oyster, it had a clean ocean flavor that was just magical.


This small cup of clam chowder would have been nice for a chilly afternoon. However, as soon as I scooped my spoon down to the bottom of the bowl to stir up the chunks of clams and potatoes, I noticed that the chowder was thin and watery. 

After a somewhat disappointing day, I left Maine determined than ever find the perfect Lobster roll! 

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